Privacy and Policy

Data and Privacy Policy

The following is our privacy policy, which you must accept and agree to, in order to use our services.

For the purpose of providing you with a personalized social media platform, Chitti collects and processes certain data which you provide us directly at the time of registration and indirectly by using our services.

Kinds of data collected

Data related to the usage of our services

  • a. Information you provide during registration: This includes your name, e-mail id, password, phone number and date of birth. This information is necessary as it is important to verify that the accounts on our platform are real and not fake accounts/bots which can spread menace on the platform.
  • b. Content you share on the platform: We collect, process and store data pertaining to the content you share/ upload onto our platform. This is done so that by processing such data of all the users on the platform and aggregating it, we can identify trends on our platform, which helps us make informed decisions with respect to marketing and advertising strategies. This also enables us to provide you with similar content that you may enjoy.
  • c. Metadata: This refers to the data about the content you share on our platform. For example, when you share a picture, we collect data such as the date when the picture was uploaded, the location from where it was uploaded, etc.
  • d. Usage pattern of our app: This includes collecting data which help us analyze the usage pattern of our app. Such data may include information such as date and time of logging into the app, the duration for which it was used, etc. Analysis of such data helps us understand usage of our app, which lets us make more informed decisions with regards to management of the app.
  • e. Activity on the platform: We collect data about the way you interact with various applications, pages and profiles on our platform. This is done by analyzing the posts you like, the hashtags you follow, etc. This helps us provide you with a more personalized experience on our platform. This also helps us provide you with advertisements which are more suited to your needs.
  • f. Events: We collect and analyze data related to the events which you organize, attend or are interested in. (Example: Business conferences). This helps us connect you with various other people who are interested in that particular event too, thus helping you expand your professional circles.
  • g. Information about the transactions you have made on our platform: In the event that you use our platform for making certain transactions, either on Chitti itself or through interface with any other app or website, we may save details of such transactions such as date and time, parties in the transaction, etc. This information helps us make transactions on our app much easier and faster. Such information is also required to ensure that illegal transactions can be identified and appropriate measures can be taken against the same. The information we collect is limited to the details of the transaction only. We will not have access to sensitive financial information such as your pin code and passwords.

Data about your device

  • a. We collect data about the device through which you access and use our services. This information includes, but is not limited to, the hardware model of the device, operating system, browser information, IP Address, IMEI number and location.
  • b. We also collect data regarding to the devices connected to it, signal strength of the Wi-fi or any other internet network etc. This helps us in features such as streaming content onto a television or nearby devices.
  • c. We also seek access to the contacts list on your device. By doing so, we help you discover people on our network who are a part of your contacts list. Access to your contacts also enables Chitti to make voice calls to them with a simple voice command.

General Data

  • a. Chitti would require access to data regarding various applications on your device, such as phone contacts, alarm clock, calendar, Google searches, etc. This data is processed by our app to optimize our services by providing you a more personalized service and at the same time detecting and preventing potential risks/frauds to your device. You can choose which information you are willing to share with Chitti when the app requests access to certain data. You can manage what information you want to share with the settings section in the app.
  • b. We also store and analyze cookie data. Cookie data is information which helps us understand the pattern of the usage of our app and helps the servers identify your device. By storing and analyzing your cookie data, we can improve the safety of your account, make your usage smoother and also provide better/more relevant advertisements for you.

Data received from 3rd parties

Our business partners, who advertise their products/services on our platform, can also send us information about you with regards to your activities outside our platform, such as transactions with the 3rd party.

Data Sharing

The content you choose to upload on your profile can be viewed by your connections on our network or the public at large, depending on the settings you choose regarding who can view your content. The default setting would be private and you can choose it to share with public.

We also share certain data about you with advertisers such as search patterns, tastes and preferences, demographic information (Age, gender, nationality, etc.) which is the aggregation of patterns across thousands of profiles and not by providing individual data separately. This helps them analyze their product market and plan their strategies. However, the data we share with 3rd parties does not compromise on your identity and cannot be traced back to your identity. This is done to ensure that our users enjoy their privacy and at the same time provide advertisers with much needed information about their potential market.

Your data can also be shared with the government in situations where it is required of us by law or pursuant to any court or regulatory body.

Storage of Information

Your information is stored for better experience and data visibility based on your personal interests. However, once you delete your account, all your information on our servers will automatically get deleted. In case you would want certain information of yours to be deleted from our records, you can delete it in your activity log.

The data we collect and store will be stored in servers spread across various locations.

Access to your information

You can access the information which we collect based on your activity on our app in activity log.

Change in privacy policy

You will be informed of any change in policy by “Chitti”. After a policy change, you will be required to accept the new policy in case you want to continue using our services.

Legal Dispute

By accepting these terms and conditions, you agree that these terms and conditions are governed by the laws of India and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of courts in Hyderabad and also agree to settle any legal dispute between us through individual arbitration in the city of Hyderabad, India.

Change in Terms and Conditions

We reserve the right to change/modify our terms and conditions any time. However, when we do so, we will take adequate and reasonable steps to inform you of the changes and take your consent for the new terms again. We will communicate these changes to you via e-mail, text message and display the information whenever you login to our app.

Contact Information

In case of any concern, you can contact us at the following numbers +91 9885148725
You can also write to us at